Posted by: Ken Brown | February 24, 2008

Inclusivism Bloggersation

The present discussion of Christianity, inclusivism and related issues has grown quite extensive, crossing (at least) four seven eight blogs, so that I find myself unsure how to introduce the subject at the beginning of each post. For the sake of readers who might drop in on a post (or the blog) unaware of where we have been, it seems a good idea to compile in one place a full accounting of the discussion so far. Michael has helpfully been keeping such a list at the beginning of each of his posts, but this will give me a single place to direct people. The participants (so far) include Michael Halcomb, James McGrath, Drew Tatusko and myself (Ken Brown) – plus several additional commenters [UPDATE: and now Quixie, R.T. Jones, Owen Weddle, and prophets and popstars]. Since Michael and James started this, however, I’ll give their posts pride of place:

The debate started at Michael’s blog: When Politicians Say They’re Christian
James posted his first entry: Take the Flaming Meteorite Challenge (Starting a Bloggersation)
~Ken responded: The Flaming Meteor Challenge Revisited
~Drew responded: Who benefits from Salvation?
Michael posted his first entry: A Response to James McGrath
~Ken added: Inclusivism and the Atonement
James posted his second entry: Community of the Saved or Salvation of the Community
~Drew responded: Who Benefits from Salvation? II
~Ken responded: More Inclusivism and Salvation – Response to James McGrath
Michael posted his second entry: A Rejoinder To James McGrath
James posted his third entry: Continuing Diablogue About Salvation and Christianity
~Ken added: C.S. Lewis on Inclusivism
Michael posted his third entry: The Ensuing Riposte with James McGrath
James posted his fourth entry: A Brief Reply to Michael Halcomb
Michael offered (his fourth entry): A Humorous Reply to James
~After first embracing Michael’s response, Ken added: Inclusivism and the New Perspective on Paul
James posted his fifth entry: Paul and Pluralism (A Reply to Ken Brown, Continuing the Bloggersation)
Michael posted his fifth entry: On the Fringe of Universalism? McGrath Blurring the Lines
James posted his sixth entry: Relegated to the Fringe (The Bloggersation Continues)
~Ken responded: Inclusivism and Universalism – To Hell With Sin?
~Drew responded: Who Benefits From Salvation? III
~Quixie responded: monitoring a blogologue…
~R.T. Jones has been following the conversation: The Soteriology Bloggersation
Michael posted his sixth entry: Michael Halcomb Clarified
James posted his seventh entry: A Muslim Who Loves Jesus (Part Of A Continuing Bloggersation)
~Owen responded: Regarding the inclusive/exclusive debate
~Ken pointed to a related conversation in: Do Muslims Worship the True God?
Michael posted his seventh entry: Is Confessing Christ Necessary: Restarting the Conversation
~prophets and popstars responded: a response: who benefits from salvation?

There now, that wasn’t so complicated, was it? 😉



  1. and another…

  2. I’ve added it, thanks!

  3. thanks for keeping this updated in such a timely manner…my goodness, you’re good!

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