Posted by: Ken Brown | April 27, 2008

Battlestar Galactica "Escape Velocity"

I never thought I’d say it, but the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica had too much religion. The funeral at the beginning was nice; it reminded me of the positive treatment of religion in the first couple seasons. It was polytheistic, of course, but a good reminder of how hope for the next life can offer comfort, but can sometimes feel hollow. I also continue to appreciate the portrayal of Admiral Adama and President Roslin’s relationship. In a show which places such an exaggerated emphasis on sex, it’s refreshing to see a caring relationship that is not sexual. But the rest of the episode was a mess. From the attack by the fringe sect the “Sons of Ares,” to Gaius Baltar’s spiritual horse-pucky in the final scene – God loves you because you’re perfect, just as you are! (from the man who is anything but perfect) – I’m longing for their old sense of balance. The only thing I enjoyed about the Baltar story-line was when the Six in his head physically lifted him up like rag-doll – humorous, and somewhat ominous as well. Perhaps she’s more than just his imagination after all?

I’m dearly hoping the show gets better, and fast, but today I’m feeling snarky. So rather than a more comprehensive review (try here), I give you a picture of how my twisted mind works:

Me: I just don’t feel the same spark anymore…

BSG: But isn’t this what you wanted? You’ve been saying all along that you loved the way I focused on religion, said it was my best quality!

Me: I know, I know, it’s just… well, it feels like you’re trying too hard.

BSG: Ooh, so that’s how it is, is it? I sacrifice to give you what you want, but it’s never good enough!

Me: I just miss the old days; you used to tell such good stories, and the religious component was just a part. Why’d you have to get so fundamentalistic on me?

BSG: I’m just being honest! I thought you appreciated that about me!

Me: You can be honest without having to be so depressing all the time. Where’s the love? Is there any light at the end of this tunnel?

BSG: Oh come now, have a little faith!

Me: Yeah well, it’s just…

BSG: Just what?

Me: Well, to tell the truth… I’m seeing someone else.

BSG: WHAT? You two-timing – who?

Me: No one, just this show about people on an island, I forget what it’s called.

BSG: Sure you do, and what’s it got that I don’t?

Me: Well for starters, it doesn’t beat me over the head every episode. And when it explores religion, it lets us see broken people, not just broken theologies. And it gives an idea of the real struggles and joys of community, like you used to do. Like this one episode, “The 23rd Psalm”…

BSG: Yeah, yeah, you’re just starry-eyed; you haven’t even finished their second season, have you?

Me: That’s not the point!

BSG: You just can’t handle commitment! The first sign of trouble and you run off for someone else. Well what happens when you get bored of them too. You’ll find some new tramp I suppose!

Me: What do you expect? I’ve always been promiscuous in my TV viewing; you knew that from the start! You can’t expect me to put up with Gaius frakkin Baltar forever!

BSG: But all I’m asking is a little patience. You can’t stay with me for one more season?

Me: Alright, alright, I’ll give you another chance, but we’ll have to negotiate a more open relationship.

BSG: And what’s that supposed to mean?

Me: You get Friday nights, but the rest of the week I’m free to watch what I want. Yes, even LOST reruns.

BSG: Fine!

Me: Fine!


  1. roflol!

    i have my own thoughts on bsg’s last epi, and i would have written them out yesterday if it wasn’t for a pesky migraine, ack. in general, i think the whole epsisode could have had a title from romans 1 regarding humanity’s descent into darkness, “escape velocity” indeed. and i caught the six-holding-up-baltar thing, too. interesting.

    another “lost” fan!! i started losing interest in season 2 and walked away from the show pretty much after the fifth episode of season 3; what happened in that episode is (imho) representative of “lost’s” writing demise, heh. but they got me back with charlie at the end of last season, and this season has been spectacular.

  2. The episode wasn’t all bad; there was some great acting by Tyrol, a couple of good scenes between Adama and Roslin, and Lee continuing to do the “right” thing with bad results, but it was all depressing, and I don’t even want to think about Baltar. Romans 1 indeed…

    As for LOST, yes I’ve become quite a fan, but so late to the game that I’m afraid to read anyone else’s views until I get caught up. has all four seasons available free in full HD (very generous of them!), so I’ve been watching a couple episodes a day (read: 4 or 5 😉 and am currently about 2/3rds of the way through season two. The second one certainly isn’t as exciting or mysterious as the first was, but I actually think I like it better. It’s focused on exploring the characters rather than just the island, and that’s a good thing. For instance, I mentioned the “23rd Psalm” episode, that one does a great job showing the dangers of “doing evil that good may result,” and offers an amazing illustration of the Psalm (especially “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”).

    You’ve made me nervous about season three, but I’m glad to hear that season four is shaping up well. Whenever I get caught up I’ll go back and read your old posts.

  3. stick with “lost” and you’ll be glad you did when you catch up with this season. heh, “psalm 23” was one of my favorite episodes, too, so look me up when you get to the epsiode #5 of season 3. (intentionally cryptic as i don’t want to give you any spoilers)

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