Posted by: Ken Brown | July 12, 2008

Quote – Chesterton on the Christian Critics

G.K. Chesterton, in The Everlasting Man:

Now the best relation to our spiritual home is to be near enough to love it. But the next best is to be far enough away not to hate it…. The worst judge of all is the man now most ready with his judgments; the ill-educated Christian turning gradually into the ill-tempered agnostic, entangled in the end of a feud of which he never understood the beginning, blighted with a sort of hereditary boredom with he knows not what, and already weary of hearing what he has never heard. (pg. 11)


  1. Nice place. Thanks for stopping by Thinklings. I’ve got Everlasting Man on my bookshelf, but I haven’t read it yet.

  2. Thanks! Chesterton certainly can turn a phrase, can’t he?

  3. Ken, yes he can turn a phrase, maybe you can tell me what he’s saying.

  4. Well that’d spoil the fun! But what I’m saying by quoting him is that when folks like PZ Myers insist on childishly attacking the beliefs of others without bothering to “understand the beginning”, they belie their claimed objectivity and rationalism.

  5. Then you turn a much better phrase.

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