Posted by: Ken Brown | August 12, 2008

The Religulous Trailer

I have to admit, I found the trailer entertaining, but it does nothing to diminish the impression that this will be a very biased and one-sided presentation of religion (as though the film title didn’t give it away, right?). I did appreciate the dc Talk background music though:

HT Bag of Nothing, via Christ and Pop Culture



  1. That movie trailer made me want to take a shower. First of all, I can’t stand that little troll Bill Maher, and his comments and questions make me feel guilty because they sound just like that little voice in my head that keeps on asking increasingly pointed questions about spiritual things. So, I fervently pray, asking God for forgiveness. And I believe I am forgiven. Am I crazy?

  2. The problem with shows like this is sometimes they are very funny and I don’t doubt for a moment that most Christians can watch something like this and happily laugh at themselves… but the protagonist is never setting out to discover what faith is about, they set out to find the extremities and the weirdo’s and then showcase how weird it all is.

    It’s disingenuous and not a genuine attempt to find out anything about Christianity or why there are people like Bush who give it a bad name.

    It’s just for kicks and the PZ Meyer type of person is going to get their kicks from it.

  3. That sums it up exactly, Alex!

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