Posted by: Ken Brown | December 6, 2008

Battlestar Galactica and a Prequel Series

Good news for fellow Battlestar Galactica fans! The second half of the final season starts January 16 (you can also watch some full episodes here or on Hulu), and starting December 12 there will be a series of 10 webisodes at They have also filmed a 2 hour TV movie called “The Plan,” which will air sometime after the series ends in March. Finally, they just approved the prequel, Caprica, as a full series (HT FilmChat):

“Caprica” will star Eric Stoltz, Esai Morales, Paula Malcomson and Polly Walker, and will be set 50 years prior to “Galactica’s” seminal attack on human civilization by those dreaded ‘droids the Cylons. [The] Family-drama-themed series will focus on the Earthlike planet of Caprica as two rival families deal with, among other topical issues, the broader implications of their society’s emerging artificial intelligence technology sector.

That means it will be set 10 years before the first Cylon war, which ought to give them plenty of Terminator-esk themes to explore. I’m eager to see what they do with it.

Oh, and I almost forgot: I’m a Leobon, according to this Cylon Detector Test (HT: Carmen).



  1. holy smokes, somehow in all my reading i completely missed the fact that eric stoltz is a part of the “caprica” series! no kidding. i grew up watching him in teen flicks (okay, i’m old), but actually remember him most (rather embarrassingly, i must admit) for his role as that odd angel in the little known but worth considering “prophecy” with christopher walken (and little know then but soon to be famous viggo mortensen as one of the best lucifers i’ve ever seen). not the greatest of flicks, with a theology a bit whacked to boot, but one of the few that takes for granted that God exists.

  2. Unfortunately, despite all the things he’s been in, I can’t see Eric Stotlz as anything other than the creepy dad in The Butterfly Effect…. I’ve never seen The Prophecy though.

  3. All part of our destruction of our fellow animals.

  4. I wonder if you meant to leave this comment on the next post? Still, I imagine the Cylon’s thermonuculear devestation of the 12 colonies had a rather negative impact on the animal populations as well… 😉

  5. The Caprica TV series aired last night. The cast did a wonderful acting job and the visual effects were stunning.

  6. Yep, I reviewed the DVD version here, and agree that the effects in the televised version were much improved. I also thought the pacing was somewhat better in this trimmed down version. I’m looking forward to next week’s new episode!

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