Posted by: Ken Brown | January 15, 2009

Three Cheers for Continuum and T&T Clark!

Last month I mentioned that I’d won the Continuum/T&T Clark give-away at SBL. Well the books arrived today and I’m pleased to announce that they even exceeded my expectations. Not only did they let me choose $250 worth of free books, but they even let me take them at the conference price! These are the volumes I chose:

Paula Gooder The Pentateuch (retail $40)
James Charlesworth Resurrection: The Origins and Future of a Biblical Doctrine ($35)
Larry Hurtado One God, One Lord: New Edition ($50)
Loren Stuckenbruck (ed.) Early Christian and Jewish Monotheism ($84)
Mark Goodacre The Synoptic Problem: A Way Through the Maze ($35)
Stephen Um The Theme of Temple Christology in John’s Gospel ($168)
John Day (ed.) Temple and Worship in Biblical Israel ($50)
Total retail value: $462

So let me give a hearty Hip Hip Hurray! to Continuum and T&T Clark!

By the way, they also have a blog here.

(P.S. I normally dislike these kinds of “look what I got!” posts when I see them on other blogs, but I didn’t want to let this pass without giving Continuum/T&T Clark the thanks they deserve!)



  1. Envy’s not really a sin, right?

  2. Right up there with gloating… 😉

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