Posted by: Ken Brown | January 22, 2009

Quote – Smallville

From tonight’s episode of Smallville:

Saving someone, truly saving them, is not about knocking them out and throwing them in a dark room; it’s about helping them find their way back to the right side.


  1. great quote! i love this show, heh. that episode is still sitting on our dvr waiting to be watched . . .

  2. It’s a good episode–a bit heavy-handed, but the theme gets played out well.

  3. Was it Clark who said that, or Green Arrow? My memory’s fuzzy. In one scene, they seemed to be having a debate in which both were arguing the same thing. Green Arrow was saying we shouldn’t have vigilantism, and Clark was justifying reaching out to one of the vigilante cops. But both were rejecting strict justice.

  4. It was Clark who said it, but they both came to embrace it by the end.

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