Posted by: Ken Brown | January 27, 2009

Atheist Bus (Stop) Campaign

HT A Work in Progress via Friendly Atheist and James McGrath



  1. That’s classic. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ken,
    I notice an absence of engangement with reality on your part. There’s nothing about religiously motivated atrocities by Israel in Gaza.

  3. I was going to offer a witty rejoinder, but you’re right–the subject deserves attention.

    Still, I question your reduction of the issues to “religiously motivated atrocities by Israel.” What, no concern for the atrocities by Hamas? Nor can you reduce the issues to religion alone–economics, politics, group loyalties and all manner of other issues surely have as much to do with fostering violence in the Middle East as religion.

  4. I wouldn’t reduce the issue to one of religiously motivated atrocities. I would just point to the role of religion in the conflict. Nor would I wish to overlook the 13 Israelis killed, as opposed to 1300 Palestinians (or approximately these numbers). What I would underline is that the mythology of the Promised Land for the Chosen People is a key factor in Jewish colonisation of Palestine.

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