Posted by: Ken Brown | February 15, 2009

The Worst Kind of Fascism…

…is the kind that claims it’s “for your own good.”

Have you heard about the new law (which went into effect February 10) that criminalizes the selling or distribution of all childrens’ books printed before 1985, unless each one is tested for lead. You know, to protect “the children” from lead-containing ink, which no doubt kills millions every year–wait, what?

If you’re a lover of literature, read this, it’ll break your heart. Apparently the American Library Association is already engaging in civil disobedience, claiming it will assume the law does not apply to them unless they hear otherwise, but many private booksellers have already destroyed their stocks in fear of the $100,000 fines mandated by the law.

Then again, Congress is looking for a way to cover that budget deficit…

*HT for the image: The Leaky Cauldron

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