Posted by: Ken Brown | February 17, 2009

This Is An Experiment [Sticky]

This is an experiment with WordPress. Scroll down for newer posts.

For the original blogger version of C. Orthodoxy go here.



  1. i hate blogger. when i used it, it was constantly crashing or unavailable or some nonsense. it may be better now- but i wouldnt go back anyway.

  2. I haven’t had any stability problems with Blogger, though probably once a month they seem to be doing some sort of server update that prevents new posting for a couple hours. I’ve only ever used New Blogger, though, so maybe things were different with the old version.

    I’m really not unhappy with Blogger (and I like it more than I did Typepad), I just think I’m ready to move on to something better. WordPress has a much more professional “feel” to me, and it can do some things that Blogger cannot–like Pages and simple backups–that are huge pluses in my book.

  3. I use Firefox exclusively and, right now, this WordPress version looks right. Comparing side by side with IE7, I see that Firefox has left a thin white strip above the blue filled “This is an experiment” title bar up there, so there’s probably a css problem.

    But I like the appearance of the WordPress version better. Probably it’s just that I’ve never much liked the way Blogger separates the elements (mast head, body, links bar). I prefer to see them touching, to give the page a sense of connectedness.

    And the redesigned mast head is much more pleasing esthetically, with the bigger photo and the name above rather than across the picture.

    I vote yes.

  4. Thanks Charlie, that helps! And I also vastly prefer the look and feel of the WordPress version to the Blogger one (indeed, every time I look at it now, the Blogger version looks worse to me). If I were deciding based on aesthetics alone, it would be no contest. The main thing holding me back are the customization limitations with WordPress, but more on those in another post.

  5. Of course WP looks more aesthetically pleasing, to visitors, but it is as you have no doubt discovered down to whether the backend does what you want.

    I can’t wait for blogger to create a function for importing WP, the only thing that is holding me back.

  6. […] version looks far better and more professional than the Blogger version, and judging by the poll, most of you agree (if you don’t let me know). While for long term readers (especially those […]

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