Posted by: Ken Brown | March 26, 2009


In yet another move to stroke my already inflated ego, I’ve added twitter to the sidebar, but don’t expect me to detail what I just ate for breakfast or anything. I’ll probably mostly use it for linking to interesting things I stumble upon and explaining whatever it is that’s keeping me from blogging at the moment, with occasional snark thrown in for good measure.

Just in case anyone feels the incomprehensible desire to be my “follower” (insert maniacal laughter here), my user name is, predictably, corthodoxy. I’d also be happy to know if any of you are on twitter as well.


  1. oh no, you must run from the pods, run!

    like i’m one to talk. the only reason i haven’t twittered yet is because i just haven’t gotten around to it, heh.

    • ok, now i twitter.

  2. But Facebook… that’s where I draw the line!

    • omgosh, me too! i’ve got a couple of friends who keep lobbying me to get on facebook and i refuse!

      • My wife is on facebook, but I waste enough time blogging as it is–I don’t need another reason to obsess about my online life (says the guy who has 6 online NCAA brackets and just joined Twitter).

  3. exactly!

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