Posted by: Ken Brown | April 7, 2009


My daughter is almost three–just old enough to want to do everything herself, but far from old enough to do so well. Since we don’t want to stifle this desire for independence, we try to compromise on unimportant matters, like clothing.  The funny thing, though, is that somewhere along the line she picked up from us that clothes are supposed to “match,” which to her means “be the same.” So if she has a pink shirt, she insists that she also needs to wear pink pants and pink socks and a pink coat. If she has stripes on her pants she wants stripes on her shirt and stripes on her sweater. She even extends it to her brother: if she is wearing a shirt with polka-dots, he should too!

When we try to convince her that, no, matching your clothes means more than just wearing six different shades of pink or three different versions of parallel lines–it means finding balance and taste and… well, she has no idea what we are talking about. For her, good fashion means everything is the same, regardless of how garish the results.

Somewhere in that I think there may be a mataphor for fundamentalism…



  1. oh, that’s GOOD. heh.

  2. Beautiful. My daughter is only one and a half, but I can already relate. Only with her it’s sorting things.

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