Posted by: Ken Brown | April 13, 2009


My wife is home sick today, so being the loving husband that I am, I rented Twilight for her to watch, then decided to watch it with her. I’m sorry to say that it was even worse than I expected. Besides being dull and filled with cheesy special effects and uninspired dialogue, I found it highly disturbing. I’m not sure which is worse: the fact that Bella is madly in love with a creepy, angsty cold-blooded killer, the fact that she’s willing to become one herself to be with him, or the fact that millions of teenage girls wish they could be her. Edward’s love for Bella is more disgusting than touching–he actually tells her how he’s never wanted to suck anyone else’s blood as much as hers!–and her obsessive love for him is depressing, particularly when she sputters and whines that he would even consider leaving her. And to top it all off, the characters kept drinking Rainier Beer, which would be a nice touch of Northwest culture, if not for the fact that it was discontinued in 1999.

But the film wasn’t entirely without merit. If nothing else, it was nice to see something set in Washington. Of course, they didn’t actually film it here, but they did a pretty good job capturing the feel and imagery of the area. And they referenced the Mariners, so that’s something. I can even forgive the cliche about constant rain and clouds, since Forks is one of the cloudiest places in the country (but to set the record straight, the Southeast actually gets more rain than the Northwest-so there!). Beyond such trivialities, the only really good thing about the movie was when Bella resolves to give her life to save her mother, but as much as I appreciate stories that recognize the importance of self-sacrifice, this theme was completely overwhelmed by Bella’s constant and annoying obsessing how she can’t live without Edward.

I could at least understand why The Da Vinci Code was popular. It was absurd, but engaging. But how on earth this tripe could account for one out of every seven books sold so far in 2009… I’m flabergasted.



  1. heh, that book is sitting on my coffee table, waiting to be read right after i finish “true grit,” the 1968 novel from which the john wayne film was adapted (the novel is pretty good, by the way). a girlfriend mailed me her copy after they read it in her book club. she told me to read it, THEN we’d discuss it. now i’m not so sure what to think, heh.

  2. Well definitely let us know how you find the book. Who knows, maybe it’s better than the film, or maybe I’m just biased. My wife wasn’t as disturbed by the movie as I was, but she did think it was mediocre at best (then again, she thought the same about Mama Mia, which was also pretty popular).

  3. I know a few grown women who have liked the book and movie. My wife, who teaches high school math, was thinking about reading it just to have that in common with the kids.

    For my own part, I think it sounds like several hours of my life that I’d never get back, so I’m passing.

  4. I didn’t see the movie, but I didn’t really like the book much. (I only read the first one, mainly to see what all the fuss is about.)

    I read a fair number of young adult novels, and it surprises me that this one is one of the few that seems to have gotten so many adults interested, too. I’ve yet to heard a good explanation about why everyone likes it so much!

  5. I know Stephen King doesn’t think much of the the work of the lady who wrote Twilight.

  6. not a movie I have any desire to see.

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