Posted by: Ken Brown | May 1, 2009

Jesus vs. Mary?

This one’s for Scott Bailey:


It appeared in our dinner dish a few weeks ago (yes, it really did). The question is, was it Jesus sending a message, or Mary?



  1. Well, since it looks to me more like a lamb with its throat cut wide open (yet still standing), I think you’d have to go with Jesus on this one.

  2. hmm A lamb! I was thinking donkey, or possibly goat… maybe its a Rorschach! Oh, wait, they all are!

  3. Apparently, Azazel is showing up in your home rather than Jesus or Mary.

    Such a figure may raise disturbing questions about what exactly is going on at the Brown residence!

    Egad. I just looked at the picture again. Pure evil.

  4. I thought “Golden Calf.”

  5. My wife looked at it and was thinking goat, so you’re not completely off-base, I guess.

    She did say, “I don’t see anything related to Mary,” though, so I guess Jesus is holding onto His lead.

    She also wants to make clear that where I saw a gaping hole in the thing’s neck, she saw a cow bell (or goat bell, as the case may be). I guess that’s like a Mars/Venus thing.

    • My first thought was donkey, which could go either way, and would probably make for the better jokes. 😉

  6. I thought lamb.

    • I=both of you? No disagreement on this Rorschach? 😛

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