Posted by: Ken Brown | May 12, 2009

Desktop Picture Meme

Mark Stevens wants to know what our desks look like… or rather, whether we’re bigger slobs than him. I’m happy to oblige:
My Desk

I probably shouldn’t mention that this is my business desk. I’m in here because my private office is too messy to use.

What do yours look like?


  1. whoa. where can i get an office like that!?

    my “office” is the living room, heh. when my husband bought me a lap top about 3 years ago, i stopped using a desk. which explains why i am not showing you a picture of my “desk” — it looks like yours (books, papers and all) except that it’s all over the floor, sofa and coffee table, heh.

  2. Heh, that wouldn’t work in my house. My nine month old would eat anything left on the floor, unless my three year old decided to color on it first…

    In any case, I’m not sure the owners like the fact that I clutter up their main office with my school work, but my private “office” is just a dark corner of our bedroom, so I rarely use it, except as a place to toss old bills.

    On the bright side, this motivated me to clean up, so now my wife’s happy! 😉

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