Posted by: Ken Brown | May 13, 2009

Free Rice Has Improved

I assume most of you know what Free Rice is–a vocabulary “game” than donates all of its ad revenues to purchase rice for the hungry. I stopped by today and it has really improved since however long ago it’s been since I last did so. You can now practice in a variety of subjects, including several foreign languages (I was gratified to find that my French vocab is better than expected), and it seems to do a better job of finding your ideal difficulty level.

I’ve added a link to the sidebar. Go forth, improve you vocabulary and save a life!


  1. Thanks for the update; this is definitely a neat site and if I am going to play some addicting game online I might as well play one that also feeds people. Since now it does other languages, maybe I should see if I have retained any of the German from the intro German 100 class.

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