Posted by: Ken Brown | June 24, 2009

The Christian Carnival and Then Some

This week’s Christian Carnival is up at Fathom Deep. Among others, includes my post on the Top 10, and an interesting reflection on how words like grace, covenant and faith are overused.

I also wanted to point out this post at Theology & Culture, which shares a brilliant and hilarious description of how various stereotypical biblical interpreters might understand a stop sign. It’s written by Tim Perry, and I particularly laughed at his Talmud spoof.



  1. LoL, isn’t that hilarious! When I posted it, I actually stumbled across it quite by accident, when I was Googling for something entirely different. A great find! =D

  2. It’s fantastic! Do you have a link to the original (I don’t see one in your post)?

  3. Ah, here it is:

    Somewhat ironically, I actually am studying philosophy at Calvin College, and when I stumbled across it in Google, it was hosted by Calvin College! Very ironic =D

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