Posted by: Ken Brown | July 6, 2009


Mt. Baker Early Dawn

Do you use Flickr? Even though Carmen has been on there for years (and has some outstanding photos!), I’d not spent any real time on the site until I read this article (HT Veron) on how easy it is to find great shots to illustrate your posts, many of which are free to use through Creative Commons (such as the two on these posts). I plan to include an image with all my substantive posts from now on (the one above is mine), but the truth is, I’m just enjoying browsing the site. There are some breathtaking photos from some truly gifted artists (yes, that includes you Carmen!).

I’m pretty much a two-bit amateur when it comes to photography, but I’ve set up an account here so that I can follow other people’s photostreams. And who knows, maybe now and then I might have some decent pictures to post myself.


  1. I’ve really only used Flickr to store photos. Too much chaos.

  2. Oh I don’t know, I suppose it’s like blogging or twittering: There is a lot of noise, but there are also good people worth following–you just have to find them.

    And if you know what you are looking for, the “most interesting” search option can find some really great shots without too much trouble.

  3. Flickr is the only site I use for hosting images (not counting WordPress for my blog images). Last month my brother bought me the Pro upgrade and now I have unlimited file sharing opportunities.

    I have spent the last 4 years using Flickr with no issues, and find it much better than the majority of other hosting services. It sounds like you want to use Flickr for finding images, and there are many great ones to be found there I suppose. I have purely used it for hosting my own images though.

    I rely on Google to supply all of my other imaging needs, and then Photoshop as needed.

  4. I expect I will use Flickr for more image hosting as well, but I definitely plan to use it for finding images.

    I’ve used Google in the past, but it’s tricky, because it can be hard to tell what the original source of an image is, so you never really know about its copyright status. With some things it’s fine (like fair use of film or television stills in a review), but for original photos and other images you just never know. Sure, a small time blog like this is unlikely to get sued for copyright infringement, but I want to respect people’s rights to their own work, and the Flickr creative commons search makes that much simpler. I doubt it will be my exclusive source for images going forward, but it will probably be the first place I look.

  5. ken, welcome to the flickr world! and you are too kind, heh–your photos are outstanding!

    • Now you are being too kind, but thank you!

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