Posted by: Ken Brown | July 16, 2009

A Modicum of Levity to Abate the Agony of GRE Prep

It is exigent that those preparing for the GRE adopt an arduous and austere approach, and pursue it with verve and alacrity. Though a scintilla of chicanery and equivocation may prove expedient, the pococurante must expeditiously disabuse themselves of the audacious conceit that capricious and extemporaneous exertion, without legitimate erudition, will be of any avail.

One must not acquiesce to ennui or become inured to indolence, for careless misapprehension bespeaks the ingenuous, not the ingenious. While the challenge of preparing for such seemingly inane and disparate subjects can be enervating, the temptation to abscond and excoriate the whole convoluted exercise as irrelevant must be surmounted if one aspires to procure laud and approbation rather than censure and opprobrium.


  1. That reminds me of a high school paper I wrote. I was preparing for the SATs at the time, and I decided to use big words to practice my vocabulary. I didn’t get a good grade!

    My sister tells me there’s a Friends episode along these lines: someone uses a thesaurus when writing a letter of recommendation for a couple that wants to adopt.

    • Yeah, this is definitely the kind of thing to do only with tongue firmly in cheek.

      The clip from Friends is here. Hopefully the above is just slightly more sensible than Joey’s attempt to sound smart, though no doubt it’s less humorous.

      • I enjoyed that clip…from the bottom of my aortic pump!

  2. Ah… how sweet it is going to school outside the US where the evil GRE bears no weight!

    • Sigh. That’s just the problem though–I’ve done my Masters in Canada where no GRE is required, so now I have to take it for PhD when it’s been even longer since I’ve done any math.

      If I’d tried to write a spoof like this for the quantitative section, I probably would have sounded like Joey! 😉

  3. roflol! my husband and i still joke about “GRE words.” no envy on my part for you. good luck.

  4. […] the other hand, Pierce’s vocabulary “Hit Parade” was very helpful (and inspiring!), and if I were to do the GRE again, I would have studied such vocab lists even more […]

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