Posted by: Ken Brown | August 7, 2009

Updated: SBL 2009 Abstracts – Johannine Literature

Update: The program book, which was unavailable for a few of months after appearing in April, is available again, here. Daniel and Tonya have now posted a full list of all the bibliobloggers presenting this year.

The preliminary program book and abstracts for SBL 2009 are now available here (HT Nijay Gupta and Tommy Wasserman, via James McGrath’s reader). It looks like I’ll be presenting my paper first in my session (gulp!) and it should be an interesting session. I’m particularly eager to hear Mary Spaulding’s paper on the Feast of Booths in John:

Johannine Literature
Date: Sunday the 22nd
Time: 9AM-11:30AM
Room: TBD

Theme: The Relationship of Judaism to Johannine Writings

George Parsenios, Princeton Theological Seminary, Presiding

Ken Brown, Trinity Western University
Tabernacle, Sinai and the Beloved Son in John’s Prologue (30 min)
Mary Spaulding, Nazarene Bible College
Transformation or Termination? The Johannine Feast of Booths and Jewish-Christian Identity Issues (30 min)
Adele Reinhartz, University of Ottawa
“Hoi Ioudaioi” Revisited (30 min)
Max Rogland, Erskine Theological Seminary
“Lawlessness, Idolatry, and Apostasy in Deuteronomy and 1 John: An Old Message in a New Setting” (30 min)

(The earlier Program Book also included: Marius Heemstra, University of Groningen
The issue of Jewish identity: fiscus Judaicus, birkat ha-minim and the Gospel of John)

The other Johannine Literature session will be:

Date: 11/22/2009
Time: 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Room: TBD

Kasper Larsen, University of Aarhus, Presiding

Tom Thatcher, Cincinnati Christian University
The Riddle of the Baptist and the Genesis of the Prologue: John 1:1-18 in Its Oral/Aural Media Context (30 min)
Gitte Buch-Hansen, University of Copenhagen and Gitte Buch-Hansen,
Johannine Emotions. A Challenge to a Philosophical Perspective on John? (30 min)
Alicia Myers, Baylor University
Prosopopoetics and Conflict: Speech and Expectations in John 8 (30 min)
Mark A. Matson, Milligan College
John’s Rhetorical Use of Narrative Time (30 min)
Ralph Korner, McMaster University
John’s Jesus—the Way into a Place, into a People, or to a Person? (30 min)



  1. Hi Ken, your paper looks very interesting. I wish I could be there at the SBL conference this Nov. I am teaching a course on John’s Gospel next Jan. I wonder if it is possible to get a copy of your paper later when it is presented. Or would you post in online? Thanks.

    • That should be fine, ask me again in November.


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