Posted by: Ken Brown | August 13, 2009

I’m Losing the Battle

My daughter and I were building a lego castle today when she suddenly asked: “Where will the TV be?”

I said: “If you live in a castle, there are way more exciting things to do than watch TV! In a castle you can explore, you can fight dragons, you can save princesses, you can…”

She cut me off: “But where can the princesses watch TV?”



  1. Condolences.

    We don’t currently have a TV, but the DVDs we watch on the computer have a similar draw. At not-quite-2, thought, she has yet to add “video” to her vocabulary.

    I have no doubt it’s coming, though.

    You can take heart, though, in the knowledge that the conversation took place while you were doing something creative and interactive with your daughter. Well done!

  2. Ha! That is amazing.

    I just posted a video on my blog of my 2-year-old daughter reciting the Greek alphabet, if you’re interested ;-D

  3. Oh, my daughter (who is 3) already has the full range: video, movie, TV, and the names of various characters (Dora, Little Bear, etc.) all show up in her conversation on a daily basis.

    My only comfort is that she usually talks about them in full sentences, and that she loves reading even more than videos.

    No Greek alphabet yet though, I’ll have to get on that! 😉

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