Posted by: Ken Brown | August 20, 2009

Quote – Mary Coloe on the Nature of Salvation

From God Dwells with Us: Temple Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel:

The Johannine model of salvation is, in the light of the Exodus, an act of liberation from the dominion of slavery to the freedom of children within the household/Temple of God, “By strength of hand the LORD brought us out of Egypt, from the house of bondage” (Exod 13:14). In this model there is liberation from sin, where sin is perceived as a power which enslaves humanity to “the ruler of this world,” just as Israel was once held captive within the house of slavery. But with the incarnation of Jesus, the true king has come, offering life (John 10:10) and freedom. (pgs. 194-95)


  1. shes a great person

  2. Have you met Coloe? I love her work.

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