Posted by: Ken Brown | September 3, 2009

The Christian Carnival and the Foolishness of the Gospel

Christian CarnivalThis week’s Christian Carnival is hosted by Michelle at Thoughts and Confessions of a Girl Who Loves Jesus. It includes my Abrahamic Religion as a Trilogy. See also Jeremy Pierce’s post on misrepresentations of the Pro-Life position on Stem-Cell research, and Henry Neufeld’s reflections on Identifying Divine Revelation.

In other news, Mike Bird posted a thought-provoking analogy to illustrate how the Gospel must have sounded in the first century (HT Aaron Rathburn):

My name is Jose Samblanco and I live in a rural village of Peru and, most imporantly, I am the apostle to the Internet. I’m here, on-line, proclaiming to you the good news about Carlos Hernandez. Carlos Hernandez was a Peruvian peasant. He was a prophet mighty in word and deed as attested by many miraculous signs. But his own people did not recieve him. Carlos was accused of being an Al-Qaeda terrorist, he was handed over to the authorities, and was executed on the electric chair. But God did not let Carlos languish in death and decay, but Carlos has been raised by God and is now the exalted Lord of the Cosmos. I am here to tell you that Carlos was electrocuted for your sins. Furthermore, it is exclusively by faith in King Carlos that you receive the hope of redemption.

Click through to read his Hymn to Carlos!

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