Posted by: Ken Brown | September 21, 2009

Taking the GRE

My GRE is scheduled for tomorrow morning, so hopefully after that I’ll get back to more regular posting. I feel like I have prepared relatively well, though I haven’t gone as far as some. Today I’m reviewing, taking one more practice test, and trying very hard to remember this:

Those who approach the GRE as an obstacle and who rail against the necessity of taking it usually don’t fare as well as those who see the GRE as an opportunity to show off the reading and reasoning skills that graduate schools are looking for. Those who look forward to doing battle with the GRE–or, at least, who enjoy the opportunity to distinguish themselves from the rest of the applicant pack–tend to score better than those who resent or dread it. (from Kaplan’s GRE Primer: Live Online 2010 Edition, pg. 289)



  1. Good luck! At least you won’t have to do that horrible analytical section. I got in the 56th percentile for that (though I was in the 90s for verbal).

  2. Best wishes Ken!

  3. I’m sure it’ll go well. Let us know!

    Also, I can’t let the implied statistical inference pass without a comment. Although a good attitude may affect exam results, the fact that good attitudes correlate with good results is more likely due to a common cause (such as being well-prepared) than because one causes the other. (But perhaps Kaplan has accounted for this in his analysis?)

    But that’s beside the point. Good luck.

    • So it is!

      Thanks for that, it brightened an otherwise melancholy day!

  4. Well, it wasn’t a disaster, but it wasn’t an clear victory either. I felt like I did very well on all three sections, but especially the writing one (I always was a better writer than test-taker–I always make stupid mistakes on multiple choice tests). Still, I was a bit disappointed in my math and especially verbal scores, which is not only frustrating in and of itself, but also makes me worry that I might be overestimating how I did on the writing section as well. I guess I’ll find out in a few weeks.

    At least it’s done… I hope.

  5. At least you made it through… and that is what matters the most.

    The Kaplan quote is verrrrrryyyy interesting. I assume that your attitude going in probably influences how well you prepare or whether the information is sinking in as well.

    Good luck and great test scores!!!

  6. […] but I’m not sure it is all that helpful to dwell on it. In the end, I tried to take a more optimistic approach. Really, the GRE feels more like a battle than a game, and as a matter of fact come test […]

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