Posted by: Ken Brown | November 4, 2009


According to WordPress, this is the 500th post on this blog. So in honor of the occasion, here are some fun facts that you will not find on my PhD applications. All of these are true (in a manner of speaking):

  • Three different forms of contraception were not enough to prevent my birth.
  • I graduated from university while still in the womb.
  • I was first published at the age of seven.
  • I won a city-wide math award, then never took another math class.
  • I spun my car across three lanes of the interstate, and drove away undamaged.
  • I’ve jumped over an avalanche, while standing on the edge of a cliff, wearing an 80 pound pack.
  • I’ve gone skinny dipping in a glacier lake.
  • I’ve walked between a mother bear and her cubs.
  • I’ve been to the top of Mt. McKinley.
  • I’ve been to 30 states and four countries.
  • I’ve ridden on the top of a Jeepney, which nearly drove off a cliff.
  • I’ve tramped through a Filipino jungle to meet a chainsaw-wielding stranger.
  • I’ve caught a burgler in the act.
  • I’ve hosted a terrorism stakeout in my house.
  • I’ve disarmed a knife-wielding man.
  • I’ve been on television, in the newspaper, and on the radio.
  • I’ve eaten butter-flavored ice cream and avocado-flavored Popsicles.
  • I’ve seen every episode of every series of Star Trek, been to a convention, and written fan fiction.
  • I’ve watched a hockey game from the owner’s suite.
  • I moved to Canada to break up with a girl, then married her anyway.
  • According to an ancient Mayan prophecy, the world will end on my 10th wedding anniversary.


  1. Congratulations Ken! 500 posts from the blogosphere’s most literate and articulate writer…. surely equal’s a lifetime of work by Britney Spears! Dare I say two lifetimes!!

    You’ve lived a fascinating life for such a young man. Glad you succeeded in leaping the avalanche of mundane drivel to bring us the genius of C.Orthodoxy. Keep writing.

    • Ah, hyperbole–is there anything better?

  2. *grin*
    That was a good use of ‘500.’

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