Posted by: Ken Brown | December 15, 2009


I sent off my last two PhD applications this morning. Barring any lost transcripts or other minor catastrophes, all that remains is to wait and hope and pray.

I’m gonna take a day or two to decompress, but then I should be back to more regular posting again. If nothing else, I’ve got quite a lot to say about the application process itself.


  1. Good luck with the applications…and the “decompression”!

  2. Blessings to you, brother.

  3. When I first applied for Ph.D. programs, a bunch of mine got lost because of the anthrax scare! Your reference to lost transcripts and minor catastrophes brought that to my mind.

  4. LOL. Luckily I was able to do all my applications and have all my recommendations submitted online, so the only things I had to mail were transcripts and GRE scores (and one writing sample, which I sent by courier, just to be sure).

  5. Best of luck to you Ken. But the way I saw you translate that Hebrew poster on the spot at the biblioblog dinner, I’m sure you will have no problem getting accepted šŸ™‚

  6. If only it were that easy! Best of luck to you as well, Mike.

  7. Best of luck with your applications. Thanks for stopping over at my place, and clearly, a quick perusal of your writings, suggests I can learn a lot here. I’m the novice amateur with lots of opinions! I’ll be a regular reader!

  8. Thanks! Though if my “I’ll take a day or two” continues to expand into “a week or two” there might not be much here for you to read! šŸ˜‰

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