Posted by: Ken Brown | December 31, 2009

Best Links of 2009

Last year I listed twelve of the best items I’d linked on the blog in 2008. This year I’ve done a lot of my quick linking through Twitter, so some of these links may be new for those who follow the blog but not my Twitter feed. So far, I’ve got mixed feelings about Twitter. It has introduced me to lot of new and interesting people, and can sometimes offer quick feedback, but certainly it doesn’t allow as much depth as a blog post.

When I post links on Twitter, more people seem to click through than when I post links on the blog, but those clicks rarely lead to good conversations the way they often do here. For that reason, I think in 2010 I’ll start posting links a bit more often, but for now, here are my favorites from 2009, in roughly chronological order:

My So-Called Second Life I can’t fail to put in a plug for my article on Massively-Multiplayer On-Line Role Playing Games. Of the three articles I wrote for Salvo, this is the only one I still like.

Everything is Amazing Right Now, and Nobody is Happy Comedian Louis C.K. lays the smackdown on our spoiled and self-centered society.

Signs An outstanding short film, all about loneliness and love.

A Dissertation Upon Dissertations If you are or ever have been a grad student, you’ll love it; if not, I have no idea what you’ll make of it.

Why I am a Bad Blogger A nice tongue-in-cheek reminder of the quirks of the blogosphere.

Is Mysticism Overtaking Science in Sci-Fi? An interesting article on the tendency towards religious themes in recent science fiction. See my response here.

New Directions in Pooh Studies and The Sources of the Lord of the Rings both offer parodies of redaction criticism of the Bible. Though I think many portions of scripture do build on earlier sources and have been edited, these articles do offer important cautions, and they’re hilarious.

Why Believers Must Complain about and Criticize the Bible John Hobbins argues that genuine faith requires that we question God, as the biblical authors themselves repeatedly do.

Is Anybody Out There? A good article on the search for extraterrestrials.

The Insufficiency of Scripture by James McGrath Some things are better face to face.

Offensive Play A rather disturbing look at the physical toll football takes on its players. See also this article from ESPN.

The Hubble Space Telescope 2009 Advent Calendar A fantastic collection of images, each with a brief description. Also be sure to check out last year’s version.


  1. Thanks! I’m honored to be included!

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