Posted by: Ken Brown | January 20, 2010


Just a few odds and ends:

1. I’m continuing to make better use of Pomodoro, and have seen a significant increase in my productivity as a result (reflected, in part, in the more regular blogging). I wanted to note especially Matthew Hodge’s good tips on using the method (he also has a very fine blog, by the way), including a link to this handy, and handsome, desktop-widget Pomodoro timer.

2. I think I should have given a wider range of answer choices in my recent poll, as the results were nearly unanimous. Everyone who answered agreed that they “sometimes” read blogs by people they know in real life, and all but two people said that “only a few” people they know in real life read their blogs. I guess we’re all in this together.

3. I’ve added the ability to sign-up for email subscriptions, available in the sidebar. If you have a WordPress account, you simply press the button to sign up; otherwise, you enter your email address. You will then have options to have posts sent immediately , daily or weekly, in HTML or plain-text. Naturally you can unsubscribe at any time if you get sick of me. 😉

4. I’ve added a new Featured Posts page, and have updated the Quotations page.

5. This week’s Christian Carnival is posted at Fish and Cans, and includes yesterday’s post on The Simplicity of Jesus’ Miracles.

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