Posted by: Ken Brown | May 26, 2010

LOST Links

I keep thinking I should write more about the finale–about its redemptive themes, or its religious symbolism, or whether The Incident was what created the Sideways world–but others have already explored these and so many other aspects of the episode so much better than I could. Here are a few of the many interesting things I’ve run across since Sunday (spoiler warning for all of them!):

Several good reviews focus on the redemptive themes in the finale and the series as a whole, including these by Sarah Clarke Stuart, Richard Clark (at Christ and Pop Culture) and fav bloggers James McGrath and Carmen Andres, both of whom link to several further posts elsewhere.

Among professional TV critics, my favorites have long been Jeff Jensen and Mo Ryan, and both have excellent reflections on the finale.

A video at lists some of the questions LOST left unanswered. A few of these actually have been answered though (for instance, the polar bears were brought to the Island by The Dharma Initiative to push the wheel under the Orchid–remember Charolotte found one in Tanzania, the same place Ben and Locke landed after turning the wheel), and others were probably intentionally ambiguous, such as whether Christian Sheperd was always just Smokey or only sometimes.

Finally, in case you were wondering if that final imagery of plane wreckage might mean that everyone actually died in the original crash, or that Ajira 316 crashed as well, or whatever, the word is that it didn’t mean anything, and was just added by some ABC exec to give you something to look at while the credits rolled. But wasn’t it more fun to speculate?


  1. One bear evidently did push the wheel, but remember Chang griping about stupid polar bear experiments. That makes it even funnier, that Chang chose his guinea pig from the bear group!

    It is fun to speculate! I’ve thought more about the monster’s telekinesis. The way the monster shucked off Ben’s leg iron makes him the top candidate for the ‘help me’ scene in Jacob’s cabin – in which case perhaps the ash had already been disturbed… in which case Jacob must have abandoned it as no longer defensible. And if all that fits, then the whole ‘help me’ was simply more misdirection to get both John and Ben exactly where Smokey wanted them.

    Tantalizingly unverifiable. Maybe they’ll address this on the DVD?

  2. The big clue, for me, that Christian wasn’t always just a manifestation of the Smoke Monster was the scene on the freighter, when Christian appears (off the Island) to Michael. That was probably Smokey’s best opportunity to kill all the Candidates at once, yet he doesn’t appear until they are (except for Jin) safely away, then tells Michael that he can move on?

    That said, the whole Michael/Walt story-line really should have been resolved. Why wasn’t Michael able to leave the Island? Was his redemption on the freighter any less genuine than those of Jack, Saywer, Sayid or anyone else? And what about Walt? Was he special or not?

    The other thing that I’ve long wondered about was whether Ben (and through him, the Others) was ever following Jacob at all, or only thought he was when he was actually following MIB. Was it really Jacob that ordered the massacre of the Dharma Initiative, or was it MIB? But if it wasn’t Jacob, what was Richard’s role, and why didn’t he recognize that Ben was taking orders from the wrong side? This also leads to the question of whether Jacob brought Dharma to the Island, or whether they came for their own purposes and Jacob felt the need to protect the (heart of the) Island from them. I’m leaning towards the latter, but where does that leave Ben?

    They certainly left us with a lot to speculate about, and to be honest I rather hope they don’t come out with too many definitive answers after the fact.

  3. Michael seeing Libby’s ghost also suggests Christian was really Christian, and the one Jack saw in LA must have been him too. That darn smoke alarm must have been a red herring, then, because we now know Smokey couldn’t get off island. (Or the writers goofed? Naah. 😉

    I loved the season 5 bits where Richard or Ben would stymie Widmore by claiming Jacob wanted such and such. Richard’s claim (about little Ben) was obviously a lie, and Ben’s (about baby Alex) was almost certainly a lie as well. Amping up that same ploy, Ben later talked to an empty chair. All that, plus Jacob’s laizzez faire attitude, plus Ben’s comment “Richard doesn’t know anything” (in Ab Aeterno) pro’lly means the Others were winging almost everything. So, one reason Widmore got kicked off must have been b/c he couldn’t fake it as well.

    Btw, whoever told Ben how to summon the monster was probably another guise or puppet of the MIB – yet another indication that the cabin was in MIB’s use some time before Ben started going there.

  4. i agree about the michael-walt storyline, and the michael-stuck-on-the-island thing. tho, i think wasn’t it was either mcgrath or jensen that said perhaps he and others like him stay there or the Sideways-like worlds until they’ve learned enough/surrendered enough to move forward?

    one of the other things i LOVED about the finale was that the Sideways world didn’t have a “now.” i’ve often thought of that when it comes to the end of our own Story and heaven–will we all be walking into “the end” together even if we all die at seperate “times”? how cool would that be?! like Riverworld a bit, heh.

    by the way, you obviously have some things you could put together in a post–i always love the way you process. you should still consider posting something.

  5. I watched only a couple of Lost episodes with my son, who followed the show religiously. I’ve read all of your posts and comments, and a few online articles about the finale and the theories about the various Lost mysteries. I have to say that I feel like a true outsider, as if all of you are speaking Greek and possess a gnosis that is unattainable by me. It’s an interesting experience, this being an outsider.

    Clearly, then, whatever Lost the program was about, it created a community of true believers who have shared a common set of experiences and were given a language with which to talk about those experiences. The community has tried to puzzle out the mysteries of these weekly revelations, and has succeeded in some areas, while needing further revelation to clear up others. I find these sorts of parallels to the Kingdom of God interesting and illuminating.

    Thanks for sharing your love of Lost with the rest of us, Ken.

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