Posted by: Ken Brown | January 27, 2011

I Drove On The Autobahn Today

Just sayin’…


Image from dicktay2000 by CreativeCommons, and may or may not accurately portray what I actually drove...


In fact it was quite the eventful day. In the states visiting a store half an hour away would hardly merit a second thought, but here it took the whole day. We had to drop the kids at a friend’s house, take the bus across town to rent a car, then drive to the next city south to visit Ikea, where we purchased the rest of the necessities for our new apartment, then dropped the whole lot off with another friend to keep until we can actually move in next week. Oh, and we did all this in the snow–which of course didn’t stop anyone from passing us like we were standing still, when we were actually going 130kph.

Ah Germany!


  1. Nice. I won’t tell the Ford Taurus, snowbound in our side yard, traveling exactly 0.000kph. It would be jealous.

  2. Always wanted to drive on the Autobahn! If not a Porsche or Taurus, what did you crank up to 130kph?

  3. I’m afraid it was just a Ford Focus. Not sure if it’s fitting or an abomination that my first trip on the Autobahn was in an American car….

    • Sounds like a fast, smooth ride.

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